Warrior in Art represent a collection of 8,000 Warrior in Art categorized by level of rarity and generated with unique and rare elements . The legends are stored as ERC-721A tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on the IPFS with the most trusted hosting providers.


Warriors in Art About

The NFT collection Warriors in Art embarks on an extraordinary journey to immortalize the brave tales of men and women who stood firmly to defend their homelands from invaders.....


At the heart of this captivating collection lies two of the most renowned samurais, Miyamoto Musashi and Tomoe Gozen, whose indomitable spirits inspired the creation of this extraordinary collection.

Miyamoto Musashi, a man of unparalleled skill and wisdom, left an indelible mark on history with his exceptional swordsmanship and undefeated record. His teachings and philosophies resonate with warriors and thinkers making him an enduring symbol of discipline and strength.

Beside him stands Tomoe Gozen, a fearless female warrior honored for her courage and prowess on the battlefield. Her unparalleled martial skills and unwavering loyalty have immortalized her as female empowerment and resilience.

Beyond these two legends, the collection glorifies ancient defenders who rose to the occasion when their lands called for protection. From every corner of the world, these brave souls emerge in exquisite detail, each telling a unique story of courage and sacrifice.

Utilizing the Ethereum main net blockchain and employing the ERC-721 smart contract, Warriors in Art ensures that each NFT is a unique and verifiable testament to the remarkable stories it represents.

As you go through this gallery of ethereal warriors, you’ll be captivated by the vivid tales, artistic brilliance, and profound ability to stir emotions and ignite a passion for history and the indomitable human spirit.

Warriors in Art is a tribute to the eternal legacy of warriors, showcasing their strength, braveness, and the indelible mark they left on the chronicles of history.

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Our Legends


Q3 2022

Create the initial project's concept of Warrior in Art NFT, Create 6,000 unique unrepeatable hand -drawned Artwork of Warrior in Art NFT, Create business vision and first concept of UI designed website,

Q4 A 2022

Create website for the NFT's
Create website for our Warrior in Art
Create socials and start to grow the community
Create social media channels and start growing cummunity
Create presentation video of the NFT's
Contests and airdrops

Q4 B 2022

Create business plan
Create team
Partnership outreach and creation
Present whitepaper
Concept creation Warrior in Art world
Concept creation first space
Concept creation second space
Concept creation third space

Q4 C 2022

Create presentation video of the entire Warrior in Art collection, start the marketing campaign and influencers outreach, enhance global community present

Q1 2023

Staking and validation of the ERC-721A smart contract and creation the entire minting facilities, select the NFT platforms to trade Warrior in Art NFT on the secondary market, select varieties of recognized charity organizations in order to make annual donation to be derived from revenue and sale proceeds, select list of initial utilities to be given out to Warrior in Art NFT holders

Frequently Asked Questions

Warriors In Art NFT  collection is of a kind, spectacular, unrepeatable AI GPT Artwork combined with unique hand-drawn Avatars designed and created by renowned  global Artists,  Each Warrior, contains  GOLD MINT PASS allows the holders to mint one  FREE  NFT collectible of a highly-valued collection offered by     nftworldgallery   and to be eligible to be listed  on Allowlist of  5 to 50 collectibles spots ( depending on rarity) to be offered by   nftworldgallery.

An unprecedented utility is attached to each of the Warriors NFT in the form of  GOLD MINT PASS  each   GOLD MINT PASS  contains one FREE Mint of NFT  valuable collectible  offered by  nftworldgallery  and 5 to 50 WL  spots depending on rarity to be selected by  nftworldgallery. In addition special discounts for merchandise and WEB3 games to be developed by our global studios, and more. As  our IP grows over the time, we will continue to deliver more of these benefits and take advantage of the broad spectrum products we offer.

We are committed to building a decentralized autonomous organization ( DAO) mechanism that will enable community members to participate in project governance and decision-making processes. The DAO  will operate as an open, transparent, and autonomous platform where stakeholders can vote on important decisions that affect the project’s future. The token holders will represent ownership and governance rights within the organization and will be used to participate in voting staking, and other activities related to the project.

There will be only 8000 limited editions of spectacular unrepeatable  AI GPT Artwork combined with unique hand-drawn Avatars, We set initial low and affordable price at 0.009 ETH, the next offer price estimated to go up by 40% to 50%.

Follow our social media accounts and national news outlet for exciting announcements. For more details, please follow our drop at www.opensea.io/collection/warriors-in-art/drop

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